With over 35 years of hands-on experience, San Diego decorative painter Emma Wright brings time honored-techniques to her work as one of the country's most experienced decorative artisans.


Emma began her decorative painting career in 1982 as an apprentice with the nationally prominent decorative painting company of Larry Boyce & Associates of San Francisco, eventually becoming a full partner in the firm, along with Tom Cielsa, and George Zaffle.


In 1985 Emma moved to Stockholm, Sweden and worked with one of the country's largest private painting firms, Larsson & Ormark. For the next 5 years, Emma furthered and honed her skills working with the old world masters, making glazes, wood graining, and marbling. She also was responsible for any stenciling needs for the company. While in Sweden, Emma worked on restoring many historical buildings.


Upon returning to her hometown of San Diego in 1991, Emma established her own decorative painting business. Since that time, Emma has worked on many of California's notable historic buildings, including The Prado in Balboa Park, St Francis of Assisi Church in Sacramento, and La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla, as well as numerous prominent residences all over San Diego County.


Emma continues to collaborate with many different artisans and paint companies to further expand her techniques and experiences.

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